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    Custom Design Build Projects for Businesses in Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas

    Pre-Engineered Metal Building
    Our featured building is called a Design Build. Design Build, as the name implies, is an exciting concept where the customer can come into our office with just an idea. We work with our staff to develop that idea into plans, cost estimates and a completed project.
    The best thing about Design Build projects is that we get to work more closely with the customer, making it much easier to deliver a building that meets all of our customers’ needs. The process also allows the customer to get to know our company better and experience firsthand the great customer service we are known for. Design Build helps to get the customer more involved in the project because they, working with our knowledgeable staff, will make the final decisions about the design and the type of finishes they prefer. It also allows them to incorporate their own personal touches that make the building unique.
    Design Build buildings offer another great advantage. Whether they have a small church or a large corporation, most customers have a budget they must meet. Many have no idea of how much their desired project will cost or what can be done to reduce costs. With our experience, we can discuss alternatives that will bring the project in on a budget. Alternatives may be as simple as changing the finishes on the walls or floor or leaving a brick ledge for masonry later, or as complex as building the building a little smaller but in such a way that it will lend itself to a later addition. This way, you can get what you need now and add what you want later when it is more financially feasible.
    We take great pride in delivering a high-quality project at a reasonable cost that not only meets the customer’s needs but also makes him/her a customer for life. We will also help you create a plan room for your construction project.